We deliver your favorite British brands to you - worldwide.

British Food Basket. We deliver your favourite British food to you worldwide. We are a British online supermarket for you when you are abroad (or when you are at home, if your home is not Great Britain ;-)

We were expats for years and know what it is like to receive a box of British goodies while abroad. Finding British brands in a parcel from home always made us happy. Some British food you can not get in your local supermarket abroad, or if you can find the same product it maybe produced to local specifications and, even though the packaging looks the same, the taste may be different to what you know from back home in the UK. Not saying that British is necessarily always the best, but it is like your mum’s cooking, you grew up on it and you just prefer that taste.

Now we send that little bit of British food happiness to other people abroad. Our customers are not just British expats, but anybody who likes British brands or British food the way it is sold in the UK.

From our British Expats supermarket we deliver British food worldwide. 

British Food Basket is where you find your favourite British food like Cadbury’s chocolate, McVities biscuits, Marmite, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Galaxy chocolate, Weetabix, Bisto or Branston pickle.

If you miss your favourite British food, we are here to help.

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We are the British Online Supermarket for expats worldwide.